Ultimate Goals

Here are the ultimate goals of the blog and my individual goals as an investor.

Individual Goals:

Continued and constant learning and improving of my techniques and knowledge. So that I am ready when my health gets better.

When my health gets better I am going to either open up my own investment firm or work for someone else at a value firm.

Make a lot of money for my family.

When I do make a lot of money I am going to start either a school or a class of some sort to teach young kids all the way up to adults how to manage their money, improve their finances, and invest.  I see the debt that individuals and this country hold as a massive drain on resources and any way small way I could help that would be great.

Blog Goals:

Place to gather my thoughts, learn from mistakes, and keep a log of my decisions so that I can study them and get better.

Hopefully eventually this will be a place of discussion on how we can all be better investors and make a lot of money.


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