Article published and some links

My CMT article has now been published on Seeking Alpha for those who would like to follow the conversation in the comments section.

While I was researching CMT I was also reading and saving some articles that I thought contained some kind of insight or lesson.  While I am looking for another company to research, I will be sharing these links with you over the next several days.

Why Investing is The World’s Most Difficult Profession is an article by John Standerfer about what makes investing so difficult for most people.

There’s Warren Buffett, and Then There’s the Rest of Us is an article from the Financial Post about Warren Buffett’s amazing track record of picking companies since the 70’s.  Always amazing to how well he has done over these many decades, Incredible

Three (Incredibly Simple) Questions The Most Successful People Use to Change the World is an article from Forbes about how successful people think when a problem arises and how they overcome those problems.

Compound Interest is a Very Powerful Thing is an article from The Value Perspective on the massive and mind numbing effects of compounding over a long time period.  Very useful for us value investors.

Test Your Risk Intelligence-And Become A Smarter Investor is an article from Covestor which has a 5 minute test that will test your risk intelligence, the higher the better.

I will keep the links coming over the next several days and will update you when I find another company to research.  I hope you enjoy the links in the meantime.