Weekend Reading Links

With all the research I have been going lately I have gotten way behind on posting links so here are a bunch that I think are very good.

Atul Gawande: Excellence Is Recognizing Details, Failures

The Price Of Paying Attention

How Not To Run A Hedge Fund: Geoff Grant Edition

Advice From Jeff Bezos

How Did R.A. Dickey Master The Knuckleball

Jason Zweig Interviews Seth Klarman

How Did I Come Up With My 16 JNets

What Drives Operating Metrics?

Free Ebook: 115 Profitable Investing Ideas

How Buffett Made Money In Bad and Volatile Markets

Moats, Clarity, Success, and Ego Depletion

While I am still working my way through The Investment Checklist I wanted to post some more links.  The book has so far been fantastic and I have found many more things to think about when learning about a new company.  I have already found revisions that I need to make to my plan for deliberate practice that I wrote about last week, and once I finish reading the book I will post them.  Now to the links.

5 Ways to Identify Wide Economic Moats is an article from Old School Investing, written by Daniel Sparks of ValueFolio, that talks about why economic moats and sustainable competitive advantages are so important, and gives you some ways to help spot them.

6 Simple Tactics to Regain Clarity is an article from pickthebrain.com  that gives you six tips to help regain your focus and get back on track to attaining your goals.

Why Success Breeds Success: The Science of “The Winner Effect” is an article from brainpickings.org on why winners continue to win and losers continue to lose, and the effect that both have on your brain and body functions.

Understanding the Dangers of “Ego-Depletion” is a fantastic article from fourhourworkweek.com that is about how to stop wasting your valuable brain functioning power on unimportant decisions so that you are more prepared and better able to make an important decision when the time arises.

Now back to reading, I hope you enjoy the links.