What Would You Like To See In My Upcoming Value Investing Book? Asking Me Questions, Starting To Research Again

Before I get too serious about thinking about the advertising and marketing of my upcoming value investing book I wanted to ask you if there was anything specifically you wanted to see talked about in the book?  Maybe something you wish would have been in other books about value investing that you would want to hear about?  At this point I still have time to add things and I will seriously consider any of your suggestions if they are not in the book already.

I have just finished up the second full revision/edit of the book and as of this time it looks like the book will end up being around 200 pages in an eBook format.  This of course is without any of your suggestions and will likely change before the book is released.  It was a lot longer originally as I have since cut several entire chapters to remain as concise and information packed as possible.

Once I hear some of your suggestions and weigh whether or not to include those into the book I will release detail on what the book is about and the title.

Also if there are any questions you have wanted to ask me for a while feel free to ask them as I would be more than glad to answer them.  They do not have to be investing related questions either.  I would love to share more about myself with you all and would love to hear some of your stories as well.  I will also take requests of any companies that you would like me to possibly write an article on as well since I have been drawing blanks while trying to find any interesting or undervalued companies lately.

Up next: Putting some of my advertising/marketing ideas into practice, setting up a site for the book, setting up a preorder page, continuing to revise and edit the book further, implementing some of your ideas into the book, finding a designer for the book cover, and I have also begun researching companies very slowly again.


Important Question For You Tech People And Tablet Users

I was doing some research on the company I have been researching earlier and was planning on starting to write my article later tonight.  While I was doing the research on my ASUS Transformer Prime tablet I noticed that in Polaris Office, which is the Office product I use to read all of my company research, deleted almost all of my bookmarks on more than 10 years worth of documents that I have read.

Do any of you know any way to recover those bookmarks in Polaris Office? I store all of my documents in Dropbox if that matters.  I looked online and it seems to be some kind of random bug that deletes work and bookmarks.

The only reason I started using PO was because of its bookmark feature where I could save spots in my research of companies; things that I thought should be in an article.  Do any android tablet users have suggestions for word processor/Office alternatives to Polaris Office, preferably with some kind of bookmark or highlighting feature, so I can go back later to the notes when I am ready to compile and start writing my article?

I was hoping to have the article up by early next week, but now unless I can recover my bookmarks, the article probably won’t be up until later next week.

I will post some weekend reading links tomorrow.

Any help anyone could offer would be greatly appreciated.