Whopper Investments analysis of DQ, and a course from a CFA

Whopper Investments analysis of Dairy Queen

I suggest everyone go over to whopperinvestments.com to see the analysis he did of DQ before Warren Buffett bought it.  The first link is WI’s readers analysis and valuations.  The second link is Whopper’s analysis and valuation.

I especially think we should learn from Whopper’s, Red’s, and ABVs’ analysis and valuations as those are the best in my opinion.  Pay attention to how they think about DQ, and the reasons they gave for why DQ was such a great business to buy.

Course from a CFA and author

I have to admit I have not checked this guy out yet so I cannot vouch for the quality of either this course he is offering or the book he wrote.  However, I thought I would put this up here in case anyone wanted to take his course.  The information about the course and the link is here.

Please let me know what you think about the course and the book if anyone decides to look into them.

Update on what I am doing, an aritcle on ALEX from a CFA, and two free digital magazines

What I am currently doing

I have been researching a new company and just finished up the valuations today.  It is a boring company that most have probably never heard of, which I like, has good margins, no debt, decent amount of cash, and best of all the company is currently valued about where I could be a buyer.

I still need to finish up my research and hope to have an article up within the next few days on this promising company.

I have also been looking through some of the sites from Jae Jun’s free digital magazine that I posted about yesterday, and have found a lot of good information.  I am going to incorporate some of the sites into my daily reading and hopefully I will not only learn a lot, but maybe even find some potential companies to research and invest in.  Again, I encourage everyone to at least look at the magazine to find some great investing, search, and analysis websites.

Alex article from a CFA

A CFA is a Certified Financial Analyst. The CFA designation is incredibly hard to get and the last time I checked there were only either 100,000 or 200,000 in the entire world.  They generally know what they are talking about.  The article talks about ALEX and how he has been an owner since before the spin-off, and that he is very interested in the post spin company mainly for the real estate assets they hold.

The writer pretty much comes to the same conclusion about ALEX that I stated in my two articles about ALEX, here and here.  I am just putting his article on the blog because it lets me know that I am doing something right if I come to the same conclusions as a CFA.

Two more free digital magazines

The first free magazine is the Valuewalk Daily.  It aggregates information about world news, business, the economy, investing, etc.

The second free magazine is from the CFA Institute.  It mostly talks about things that are going on in the investing world, companies, analysis, the Chinese economy, etc.  Looks to have some very valuable information in it.

I hope you enjoy.