Important Question For You Tech People And Tablet Users

I was doing some research on the company I have been researching earlier and was planning on starting to write my article later tonight.  While I was doing the research on my ASUS Transformer Prime tablet I noticed that in Polaris Office, which is the Office product I use to read all of my company research, deleted almost all of my bookmarks on more than 10 years worth of documents that I have read.

Do any of you know any way to recover those bookmarks in Polaris Office? I store all of my documents in Dropbox if that matters.  I looked online and it seems to be some kind of random bug that deletes work and bookmarks.

The only reason I started using PO was because of its bookmark feature where I could save spots in my research of companies; things that I thought should be in an article.  Do any android tablet users have suggestions for word processor/Office alternatives to Polaris Office, preferably with some kind of bookmark or highlighting feature, so I can go back later to the notes when I am ready to compile and start writing my article?

I was hoping to have the article up by early next week, but now unless I can recover my bookmarks, the article probably won’t be up until later next week.

I will post some weekend reading links tomorrow.

Any help anyone could offer would be greatly appreciated.