Intel, Compounding Experience, Advice For New Investors, Yankees and Sunk Costs, Certainty, and East Coast Asset Management 3Q Letter

I forgot to mention Intel (INTC) in yesterdays portfolio update and that I still own stock in the company.  It falls in the bought before doing valuation category and it is a company I plan to own for years unless I find something better, or its business deteriorates.

Now that I have gotten rid of all the companies that I planned to get rid of, later today I am going to add a page to the site that lists what I hold in my current portfolio and will update the page any time I buy or sell stock in another company.

Compound Experience Not Just Interest is an article from Abnormal Returns about how gaining experience early in your investing career can be just as important, if not more so, than compounding interest.

Advice For New Investors is from Gannon and Hoang On Investing which contains lessons that I wish I would have seen when I first started investing.

The Yankees’ A-Rod Problem: Sunk Costs and Investing is another fantastic post from Aswath Damodaran on what the Yankees should do with A-Rod and how this situation can be related to investing.

Certainty In Investing is another excellent post from Oddball Stocks on what makes the certainty level in some investments go up, what can make the odds favorable for you, and what makes investments less certain.

East Coast Asset Management 3Q Letter On Investment Process.  This is from Market Folly and any lessons and examples from others investment process is always a good learning experience.

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