Portfolio Review

The last company I researched has turned out to be a pretty good company with high margins, ROIC over 20%, but it currently does not reach my minimum 30% margin of safety to my estimate of intrinsic value, so I am going to hold off writing about it at this time.  I am going to continue to research the company and its competitors and if the company gets closer to my required margin of safety I will update you and start writing the article at that time.

In the mean time, I have decided over the weekend to reassess the rest of the companies I own stock in that I bought before doing any valuations, or anywhere near the amount of research I am doing now.  After researching and analyzing all of the remaining companies I own from that time, I will assess whether to sell my position or buy more of the company.

I will at the very least show you the valuations and tell you the decisions I have made after doing said valuations and research.  If any of them turn out to be massively under or overvalued I will probably write full fledged articles.

As always, I will also be looking for new companies to research and analyze.

I will hopefully have the first valuations up within a couple days.


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