How to Train Your Mind to Remember Everything, Nassim Taleb, a Blueprint for Being a Lousy Investor, Why Your Already Good Enough, and Tips to Boost Confidence

How to Train Your Mind to Remember Anything is an article by Joshua Foer, the author of Moonwalking With Einstein: The Art and Science of Remembering Everything where he talks about some of the tips in his book.

Why Your Already Good Enough is an article from Pick The Brain on why you do not have to wait until some time in the future to achieve your goals, and how you are probably good enough to achieve them now.

Taleb: The Fooled By Randomness Effect and the Internet Diet? is another article from Farnam Street that has Mr. Taleb’s thoughts on information overload, overconfidence, and how they are effecting the modern world.

5 Simple Tips to Boost Confidence is another article from Pick The Brain.

A Blueprint for Being a Lousy Investor is a fantastic write up by Greg Speicher using Charlie Munger’s principle of inversion to look at the problem of how to become a better investor.

I have finished reading the most recent annual and quarterly for one of the companies I found to research.  I just need to finish up reading this years proxy before I value the company but up to this point the company looks promising.  If I find the company to be undervalued I will continue to do research and will plan to write an entire article on the company.

I will continue to update you on my progress, and in the coming days I will continue to post links that I think hold some kind of value.


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