Some Holiday Weekend Links

I have found two companies that I am going to start researching after I finish up reading Martin Whitman’s Third Avenue Funds third quarter 2012 shareholder letter posted on  I got this from following @ttcapitalmgmt on Twitter, who is someone else I would highly recommend following as I think his analysis of companies is fantastic.

Seeing A Show (Or A 10K) From a Different Perspective is from which I found from his Twitter account @ragnarisapirate about how your mind can change how you remember things that happened in the past, and how it is good to reread 10K’s and your previous company analysis every once and a while.

How I Learnt The Power of Checklists is an article from the Financial Times which illustrates the power of checklists obviously.  You might have to sign up for a free membership to gain access to this article.  I am still working on fleshing out and writing out my checklist and hope to share it with you sometime soon.

Discounted Cash Flow Valuation of Wal-Mart 1968-2012 is another great write up from which is an excellent analysis and valuation of Wal-Mart from 1968 to the present.

The Paradox of Goal Setting is an article from Psych Central about why people do not realize their goals and how to combat those mistakes.

22 Things You Could Do, To Become a Better Investor is another fantastic article from where he gives you tips that he believes will help everyone become a better investor.

I am going to keep the links coming over the next several days and I will update you if either of the two companies have turned out to be companies that I am going to do in-depth analysis and research on.


3 thoughts on “Some Holiday Weekend Links

    • Thanks for letting everyone know about the updated link. I have a feeling you are going to continue to be on my links that I give out as everything you have written has been great thus far. Thanks for the awesome work.

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