Weekend reading links

Reading Links

Investing In Wide Moat Businesses is a free download from the Manual of Ideas that talks about characteristics of wide moat businesses and how to spot them.  I have not finished reading this yet, but I can tell the knowledge inside will be very good.

Warren Buffett’s Evolution and His Three Investment Styles is a write-up from http://can-turtles-fly.blogspot.com/ about how Warren Buffett invested in the past and how he invests now, the differences in his thinking and why he has had to change over time.  Good read for anyone interested in Buffett.

The Theory of Investment Value: Four Enduring Takeaways on Dividend Investing from John Burr Williams is a write-up from the CFA Institute on dividend investing from the perspective of the 1930’s and how the principles still apply today.

The Value Gene is an interview of Paul Isaac talking about Walter Schloss, his father Irving Isaac, what he is investing in now, and what he thinks of the overall economy.

Activision Joins Game Industry Search For New Ways People Play is an article from Seeking Alpha where the author goes into detail on the declining video game industry.

7 Things Highly Productive People Do is an article from Farnam Street on how you can become more productive.

Hope you enjoy the links.  Now it is time for me to search for another company to research.

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