Whopper Investments third weekly challenge, Altria, Greenlight Capital, and a Free Moat Webinar


Here is this weeks valuation and analysis challenge from Whopper Investments if anyone would like to try their hand.

This weeks challenge is McDonald’s from 2005 before Bill Ackman bought into them.  While I will be waiting to see what the readers post and see what I can learn from their analysis.  I will not be participating in the challenge this week.

Instead I will be researching, analyzing, and valuing Altria (MO) which I hold in my portfolio.

When I originally bought Altria I was not doing any type of valuation and I was not doing anywhere near the amount of research or analysis I am doing now.

I want to see:

  • A) What I would value them at to see if they are under or overvalued now.
  • B) I got a bit lucky as my position in them is now up about 30% since I originally bought, and I want to see if I would still buy them knowing what I know now.

I am interested to see how far I have come since then and hope to have my mini write up on the blog within a week.

Greenlight Capital

This is Greenlight Capital’s second quarter letter to shareholders.  They talk about Europe and some of its positions.

Free Moat Webinar

I cannot vouch for how good this free webinar on Moats from Morningstar is going to be since I have not watched it, but I thought I would put it on here for anyone who might be interested in it.



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