A lesson, the new Saddam Hussein, and the Euro

A lesson

This first article is about how we as value investors need to not just look at the headline, and how we need to dig deeper into the companies and do our own due diligence.

The new Saddam Hussein

Apparently Syria’s mass murdering “President” is saying he is going to start World War III if a foreign country intervenes in his massacre.

The article also talks about how sources are saying that Syrian government/military officials are maneuvering the countries stockpile of chemical and biological weapons to get ready in case any foreign country gets involved.

I would not be surprised to see the US government say shortly that we are preparing to intervene in the conflict.  Our heroic government officials are probably thinking that hey, we just got out of Iraq, now we better find something else to do.  Sarcasm and condescension intended.

More bad news for the Euro

This article is about the deepening Euro crisis and how Moody’s dropped Germany and the Netherland’s outlook to negative.


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