Cove Street Capital and an article on Activision Blizzard that has an opposing view to mine

Cove Street Capital

I found this site on csinvesting’s site, yet again.  So far I have read through a few of the links that CS has posted from Cove Street Capital’s site and thought I would share this site with you.  I cannot vouch for the accuracy or quality of research done, since I have not researched the companies that he talks about, at least what little I have looked into so far.

However, I decided to put it up here because the way Cove Street thinks about the companies, the industry they are in, and how they outline their investment thesis is impressive, and could be something to learn from, an example is here.  I will continue to look through the site to see if I see anything else that stands out.

Activision Blizzard article

Here is a pretty good article about Activision Blizzard and their future prospects.    I do not really like how he mainly talks in generalities, but he does go over ATVI’s gaming properties very well and lays out a decent bull case for the company.  He also does not value the company.

I wanted to put this on the blog mainly because it is an opposite opinion that what I laid out in my article on Vivendi here.  It is always a good thing to seek out differing opinions than the ones you have.  Not only might you learn something, you might also see something in the analysis that you might have missed.

Hope you enjoy


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