Whopper Investments analysis of DQ, and a course from a CFA

Whopper Investments analysis of Dairy Queen

I suggest everyone go over to whopperinvestments.com to see the analysis he did of DQ before Warren Buffett bought it.  The first link is WI’s readers analysis and valuations.  The second link is Whopper’s analysis and valuation.

I especially think we should learn from Whopper’s, Red’s, and ABVs’ analysis and valuations as those are the best in my opinion.  Pay attention to how they think about DQ, and the reasons they gave for why DQ was such a great business to buy.

Course from a CFA and author

I have to admit I have not checked this guy out yet so I cannot vouch for the quality of either this course he is offering or the book he wrote.  However, I thought I would put this up here in case anyone wanted to take his course.  The information about the course and the link is here.

Please let me know what you think about the course and the book if anyone decides to look into them.

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