Motivation, encouragement, the power of ideas, and feedback.

Here are a couple videos to help encourage and motivate people who view this site to go out and find, and go after their passions.  It took me 16 years to find the woman who eventually would become my wife and 22 years for me to find investing and analyzing companies.

The sooner you find your passions, the sooner you will be happy and excited about life.



I am also going to plead in this post to say that I really would like everyone who views this site to write their comments, concerns, and overall opinions of things that I talk about here, or even to bring up your own ideas on how I could do things better.  The sooner we start discussion about ideas on this site the faster we all learn and the better investors we will become.  It does not matter if you are a beginning or advanced investor, just have a mild interest in it or have no interest at all.

I will try to answer everyones questions and comments.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy the videos.


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