Rejection and the need to get better.

The Value Investors Club is a website for professional investors to exchange and talk about their ideas.  You have to apply and be accepted to put your ideas up on the site, and most of the people on there either work for, or own their own investment firms/hedge funds.  You can get guest access and read ideas that are 45 days or older.  It is a fantastic site to learn from and see other people’s reasonings why they are buying or selling an individual security.

I recently applied to the Value Investors Club website, and I just got an email saying that at this time I had not been accepted into the website.  Kind of what I was expecting since I don’t think I am at the same level as most of the people on the site.  I figured I would apply and see what happens and go from there.

Now that I have been rejected though it shows me I need to work even harder, get even better, learn more, and reapply when I can, and earn the $5000 monthly prize they give for the best investment ideas that are posted.

Thanks for the extra motivation


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