Hello world!

Hello everyone, or hello to myself if no one is here and I am talking to myself.  Anyways this blog is going to mostly be about value and special situations investing, I will be posting every security I buy, why I bought it and how I valued it.  Discussion is encouraged and critique is welcomed.  I am relatively new to investing so any comments on how I could do something better would be amazing.

When I say mostly I may occassionally wander off into other various topics some including, Austrian economics, sports, video games, politics, current events, etc, pretty much anything that is either bothering me or I have some thought on.

The entire reason I am doing this is because I want a log of my buy and sell decisions so that I can look back at them and learn from the good and bad decisions that I have made.  If people find this blog useful/helpful the more the merrier. I have found that most people learn more efficiently when we can bounce ideas off on each other, especially since I have only been learning about investing for about 3.5 years now and only dedicating myself to it since February of 2012.

I do owe a debt of gratitude to csinvesting.wordpress.com and oldschoolvalue.com.  I have learned more from those two websites and the links, information, books, video lectures, discussion on those sites than all of the books I have read combined and I am still doing catching up especially on csinvesting.  Thank you to John Chew and Jae Jun.

Alright let us begin this journey and hopefully we can all learn from each other,

Jason Rivera


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